Sergei Yesenin


DID YOU KNOW that Russia’s tragic young poet Sergei Yesenin once worked as a medical attendant at the Grand Duchesses’ Maria and Anastasia’s infirmary in 1917? He also served in their military-medical train #143.   

Sergei Yesenin with the team of medics posing in front of the Grand Duchesses’ Maria and Anastasia infirmary in Tsarskoe Selo

 In June of 1916, Yesenin was invited to read his poetry in front of the imperial family, and he performed this poem, which he dedicated to the young Grand Duchesses:

Sisters of Mercy Olga and Tatiana Romanovs

In crimson glow the sunset,

Effervescent and foamy,

White birches shine in their diadems

My verse greets the Young Princesses 

And the young gentleness in their affectionate hearts.

Where shadows are pale and sorrowful suffering,

They stretch August hands to Him who went to suffer for us,

Blessing their future life time… On a white bed, in a bright glare of light

He whose life they wish to bring back is sobbing …

And infirmary walls are quaking

From pity, that compresses their chest

Invincible hand draws them closer

Where sorrow lays a seal upon a forehead.

Oh, pray, Holy Magdalene,

For their fate.



This poem was banned after the Bolshevik revolution. Sergei Yesenin died young, not quite 30 years old: he committed suicide.



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