Viktor Prolubschikov of Pokrovskoe, who claims to be Grigori Rasputin’s illegitimate grandson and Laurance Solofioff of France, a recognised great-granddaughter of Rasputin.


In Grigori Rasputin‘s native village of Pokrovskoe, in Tyumen region, lives a scruffy looking man  with long white hair and beard, who practices the old Siberian tradition of healing by laying on of hands. His hometown and skills are not the only things Viktor Prolubschikov  claims to have in common with the infamous starets, who was once referred to as “Our Friend” by the last  Tsar of Russia,  Nicholas II and Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna.  Rasputin, he claims, is none other than his grandfather, by a woman who once worked as the former’s housekeeper, possibly Akilina Loptinskaya.

It is known that Rasputin was not a model husband to Praskovia Dubrovina, his legal spouse, and was not beyond various dalliances on the side, any of which may have resulted in illegitimate offspring. Hence this claim is not completely unreasonable. Nevertheless, the final word belongs to science.

Which is why the popular Russian talk show, “Let Them Talk” decided to do just that. The show’s producers organised an in-person meeting between Laurance Solofioff, Rasputin’s acknowledged great-granddaughter through his daughter Matriona (Maria), and her alleged half-uncle, in their studio.

Above: Lauraance Solofioff, Rasputin’s great-granddaughter, traveled to Moscow from France to meet her alleged half uncle.

DNA samples were obtained from the two alleged relatives in advance, and the result was to be announced on the show.

But of course the result was not going to announced until the end of the show, so meanwhile, each participant is asked about their backgrounda.

Laurance shares her family tree and history.  Her grandmother Matriona was one of Rasputin’s two daughters, who settled in France after the revolution, and had two daughters of her own: Tatiana and Maria.  Laurance is one of Tatiana’s three children.

Laurance even demonstrated her gold locket with the image of a double headed eagle – the symbol of imperial Russia.

Viktor told stories of his life in Pokrovskoe and of Raspintin-esque healing abilities – he even demonstrated how he uses his hands to perform these rituals.

Later in the show, another acknowledged Rasputin descendant came into the studio.  Her name is Valerie Eo-Theron, and she is a great-great-granddaughter of Rasputin, through her father, who is Laurance’s brother.

Valerie Eo-Theron,  great-great-granddaughter of Grigori Rasputin
Theron’s great-granddaughter is Matriona Rasputina, daughter of the infamous starets

The DNA result was finally announced, but we still do not have our answer because it was…  inclusive. It showed a 22% chance that Solofioff and Prolubschikov are related, and may share a common ancestor. According to the DNA expert, this result does not prove or refute the relation, and needs additional,, more thorough investigation. So stay tuned!

Grigori Rasputin – world famous starets and friend of Russia’s last Tsar




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