OTMA: Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia.
From the memoirs of Sofia Yakovlevna Ofrosimova:

 “Behind me I can hear the ringing of bells… I turn and see a slowly moving familiar troika. In the sleigh are four [young] Grand Duchesses with Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna. The sleigh is sliding on the thawing snow, grappling here and there on the bare earth and jiggling its passengers. The Grand Duchesses are laughing, their eyes are shining, their cheeks reddened on merry Russian faces.   They are happy that spring is here, that snow has melted in some places, that the sleigh is fluttering from pulling of horses. They are dressed in little velvet green coats and little grey fur hats, under which fluffy fair hair is peeking out. They are sitting huddled very close together, as there is not a lot of space in the troika. Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna is grabbing the handle, almost flying out of the sleigh at every pull and is laughing her kind laugh.   The Grand Duchesses are looking at passers-by with interest and curiosity. Watching the crowds is one of their favorite pleasures and they purposely ask the coachman to drive slowly. The on-lookers are stopping, but before they even have a chance to bow, all five little heads are affably nodding at them.  The troika is passing me slowly; I make a low bow; they all respond with bows and bright smiles. The young Duchesses look back once more and continue nodding and smiling. The troika is gone… The merry laughter of the Grand Duchesses has died along with the sound of the bells under the golden arch… The spectators are standing there for a long time and looking after the Grand Duchesses who just passed by.”


OTMA in a troika


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