I created this digital keepsake album for OTMA Romanov, much like the ones they used to often make themselves. Hope you enjoy!


From the diary of Maria Romanov:

“…[We] pasted in the album with Papa”  “Anya was here, we pasted in the albums with her and Shvybz.”


p 1


p 2


From the letter of Anastasia Romanov to Nicholas II:

“…I was just organizing the pictures and have not pasted the Sevastopol ones, as recently Kira gave me the pictures he took there. And now I have to paste them all.”


p 4


p 5


From the diary of Tatiana Romanov:

“…Sat with Irina and pasted in my album, then read” “In the afternoon [we] sat in Mama’s room and pasted in albums.”


p 6



p 7


From the diary of Olga Romanov:

“Mama and Papa pasted pictures into the album.” “In the afternoon we pasted in albums with Papa, Mama and Anya.” “Stayed at home, pasted in albums. My S. helped me.” “Sat at home and pasted in albums. S. helped me. “


back cover


From the books:

Journal of a Russian Grand Duchess: Complete Annotated 1913 Diary of Olga Romanov, Eldest Daughter of the Last Tsar

MARIA and ANASTASIA: The Youngest Romanov Grand Duchesses In Their Own Words: Letters, Diaries, Postcards.

Tatiana Romanov, Daughter of the Last Tsar: Diaries and Letters, 1913–1918


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