Photo credit: ГА РФ, ф. 651 оп. 1 д. 260 л. 26 об. фото 408
Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov with officers. Officer next to Anastasia is Pavel Voronov, Grand Duchess Olga’s “beloved”. Photo credit: ГА РФ, ф. 651 оп. 1 д. 260 л. 26 об. фото 408

1914 letter from Anastasia Romanov to Tsar Nicholas II:
“22nd September. My precious Papa! Olga just got a telegram from you. I will now go pray with Alexei, and then finish this letter.

It is cold here and sunny. Today we worked at Olga’s warehouse. Alexei feels better, he is cheerful and laughs a lot, so he feels a lot better. 15 new soldiers arrived at my and Maria’s hospital, but we have not been there yet.

Today we 4 had dinner alone, and Mama ate a little in bed. Mama had a visit from the Sisters who are leaving to the front. Beautiful Countess Kutuzova, Sashka’s 3 sisters and 2 nieces were here. Then [also] the hussar’s wife, he was killed, I forgot his name, she is not especially pretty.

I went to Alexei’s. Returned from Alexei’s, washed up and am writing. I hope that you are sleeping well. I still need to do my homework, how tiresome. We have not ridden our bicycles for a long time and have not passed under the windows of the guard room . This is probably because it’s cold.

Madam Dedulina said that she has a distant relative Dedulin in the Kekzgolmsky regiment, and he was captured by the Germans in Denzig, and that there are 5 captured officers there.

These days we have obednya every day at 9 in the morning at the small church of the Svodny regiment, and Mama was there with Olga this morning. Shura is hurrying my writing as it is time for bed, but of course I do not want to go to sleep.

Count Shulenburg brought a German rifle for Alexei, and also a helmet in a case, a backsword, epaulets of the 147th regiment, and a sash with silver tassels, apparently formal, a piece of shrapnel, and I think, bullets. The rifle is serious, as is the backsword, they are being cleaned, the case too is dirty apparently. Alexei was so happy. I think tomorrow he is already going back.

I must end. I wish you all the best, kiss your hands and feet 1,000,000 times, and wait!!!

Your loving with all her heart servant, 13-year-old Nastasia (Shvybzik) ANRPZSG.

May the Lord keep you. + Sleep sweetly and see me in your dreams.”

From the book MARIA and ANASTASIA: The Youngest Romanov Grand Duchesses In Their Own Words: Letters, Diaries, Postcards.


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