Below is another rare video of the Romanov family with individual scene descriptions.


Nicholas II in the street after visiting a medical facility.

Romanov family getting into a carriage near St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow

Romanov sisters getting into a carriage

Nicholas II walking along the alley of a zoo

Nicholas II in front of a cage in a zoo

Nicholas II walking in the zoo

Horses being shown to Nicholas II

Nicholas II saying goodbye to the zoo staff and getting into an automobile

Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexei pass by the sailors on The Standart

Officers on The Standart

Tsarevich Alexei with sailors on The Standart

Tsarevich Alexei greeting the sailors

Tsarevich Alexei standing

Romanov family greeting the sailors: Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra and the grand duchesses

Romanov sisters greeting the sailors

Food is brought to the desk of The Standart

The general tasting the food

Romanov family taking turns tasting the food: Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra and Tsarevich Alexei

Officers tasting the food

Tsarevich Alexei eating with the officers

Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra playing a game on deck

Sailors drinking from a ladle

Laying of a memorial foundation in presence of the Romanov family

Romanov family getting into a carriage: Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra and Tsarevich Alexei

Carriage drives off

Equestrian officers follow the carriage


Kayaks on the water.

Kayak with Nicholas II and two with officers

Boat with Empress Alexandra and the Romanov daughters

Daughters of Nicholas II playing tennis


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