Tatiana Romanov with her sisters Olga and Maria on the balcony having tea. Summer 1914.
Tatiana Romanov with her sisters Olga and Maria on the balcony having tea. Summer 1915.

1915 letter from Tatiana Romanov to Nicholas II:

29 August.  My dear darling Papa.   

Mama just got your letter, we sat on the balcony and had tea. Wonderful weather. It was so nice last night, this general confession. I loved it and Batushka spoke remarkably well. Many people received communion. Then we, with Mama had tea on the balcony, then went to the infirmary, Alexei was in his protective and was very satisfied. Breakfast with Madame Zizi and Isa.

Later rode in Pavlovsk. Mama with Anya in the front of the carriage, and we 4 in the rear. We drove on the same roads where we went with You in the evenings in the motor, and ahead of us was some civilian riding the middle of the road, the driver shouted to him to let us pass, he would not pull over so our horses took fright and rushed to the side in a ditch, as the road is very narrow. We jumped out, and half the carriage ended up in a ditch.  The driver then shouted at him to get down and help us pull out the carriage and horses, which already started to thrust a little bit, but this idiot stopped his horse and in the most indifferent manner looked at us. When Mama heard that the driver was calling for help, she stopped and Konkov got down and ran for help. Mama was left alone in a carriage with Anya to hold back the horses. Konkov cursed this idiot as he passed him, but he just said, “Why curse” – and steadily kept going. He did not even bother to hold back the horses for Mama. Fool! Our carriage had to ride in the field for a long time, as the horses were too scared to jump over the ditch, but later we we successfully continued our walk.  

I am awfully glad to have my three Voznesentzy in our infirmary. But the fourth accidentally ended up at the Grand Palace. Tomorrow is my regimental holiday. Very lonesome without you, Papa darling. We had a moleben at our infirmary church, for the occasion of You taking over command. They are all terribly happy.

Please send regards to Nikolai Pavlovich and Dmitri. Well, good-bye, good darling Papa. May the Lord help and keep You. I kiss You firmly and gently, as I love [you]. 

Your faithful Voznesenez.  Forgive my terrible handwriting.


From the book  Tatiana Romanov, Daughter of the Last Tsar: Diaries and Letters, 1913–1918


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