Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich and Nikolai Johnson

Presidential archives have been opened to the international group of researchers from SEARCH Foundation, Inc., who are looking for the remains of Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich and his friend and secretary Nikolai Johnson. Both were murdered by a group of Bolsheviks in 1918 in the city of Perm, after being kept in captivity for several months.

Director of the foundation, Captain Peter Saradinaki stated that access to these important archives will be of great help in locating the remains in future. “We now have the new information with which we can confirm where the remains of Michael Romanov and Nikolai Johnson can be located. Without this information, we cannot just find the site and start digging with shovels and excavators. Seven years ago, when I initially arrived in Perm in search of the remains, I was working blindly. But now, thanks to the availability of these archives we found the old Solikansky track and know the approximate location of the mountain where they were killed. But this was not the burial site”.

Grand Duke Michael and Johnson were held under arrest in Perm in one of the rooms of this hotel, ironically named “Korolevsky: (Royal)


According to historians, the murder site was later dug up when a large pipe was installed, and Saradinaki would like to know on whose orders this was done. This information may be helpful in case some human remains were found there by the workers, and if so, what was done with them. Historians believe that documents related to the murder of the Grand Duke were not destroyed but hidden away in closed archives of the Politburo in Moscow, back in the 1950s.

During the 2017 search, the group was able to make progress by ruling out some possible burial sites of the remains of Grand Duke Michael and Johnson, which means they are a step closer to searching in the right  location when they return.


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