In keeping with the Romanov family pet theme, I would like to dedicate his own page to Grand Duchess Olga’s cat Vaska. From Grand Duchess Anastasia’s letter to her “Papa” Nicholas II:

“31 October, 1916. Tsarskoe Selo. My dear Papa Darling! Well it is again my turn to write to you… Forgive me that I’m writing so violently, but this quill scratches terribly and nothing comes out… We continue playing billiards a bit at our infirmary, sometimes it turns out well – and then I’m happy… Right now Olga’s cat is running around here, I think he grew and is rather cute… Well now, my dear Papa! I send you and Aleksei a 1000 awfully big kisses, may God be with you. Your loving loyal and faithful Kaspiyetz [sic].”

From the book “MARIA and ANASTASIA: The Youngest Romanov Grand Duchesses In Their Own Words: Letters, Diaries, Postcards” by Helen Azar.

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Anastsasia Romanov with Olga's cat Vaska on the imperial yacht The Standart.
Anastasia Romanov with Olga’s cat Vaska on the imperial yacht The Standart.
Olga Romanov's cat Vaska Romanov.
Olga Romanov’s cat Vaska Romanov.

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