Grand Duchess Tatiana and Tsarevich Alexei

From the diary of Tatiana Romanov:

” … Alexei has influenza and 38.6. Poor little one….”  “Aleksei is still in bed, poor little one.” “…It is exactly a week that the little one left. May God save him…”


From letters from Tatiana Romanov to Nicholas II at Stavka:

“… [W]ere you there alone or with Alexei? Very lonesome [here] without you both. No noise upstairs, and Aleksei’s rooms are empty and dark. Tell him that Pyotr Vasilievich wanders around in his room and misses him…  How is Baby, did he have breakfast with You or by himself? And in general, how is he? It’s so funny to think that the little one is by himself and with You. … Tell Alexei to write to us sometimes… I kiss you very very affectionately, Papa darling and dear Aleksei…”  “… Is Alexei pleased? [We are] very sad without you, but I am happy for you that the little one is with you, you will not be so lonesome… I firmly embrace You and Baby”. “I kiss you and the little one firmly and gently.”  


Letter from Tatiana Romanov to her brother Alexei Romanov:

 “7 October, 1915. Tsarskoe Selo. My dear darling Alexei. Mama always reads your letters which are sweet and written so nicely. I am always annoying P.V. [telling him] that you can write a lot better and more interesting on your own than with him. I am so glad for you, that you like it there and that you are very happy.  I wanted to see how you and Papa sleep. Anya always says ‘[There is] no need’, when we talk about you. This morning all roads were covered in snow, later it melted. It’s so tiresome that winter is coming soon. Do you play with Kolya? What is Joy doing? Ortipo is such a darling and sends her regards to you and Nagorny. I am dying to see you, my little darling. I did not see your Irina as she is in Petrograd, so I do not know what she is doing there. Rita works at our infirmary, and we see her every day. Well goodbye, Baby, my good darling. May God keep you. I kiss you very very affectionately and embrace you and Papa. Regards to all.   Your Ulan”


From the book  Tatiana Romanov, Daughter of the Last Tsar: Diaries and Letters, 1913–1918






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