Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov in 1916
Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov in 1916

In early 1916, Grand Duchess Anastasia came down with bronchitis and had to stay in bed for a while. She continued writing letters to her beloved “Papa”

Letter from Anastasia Romanov: 

“11 January, 1916. Tsarskoe Selo.

My dear Papa Darling! I am still in bed, but I think tomorrow I will get up for the first time. My bronchitis is gone now.

In the morning before breakfast I stay in bed in my room and write or Shura reads to me, and I go to the playroom for breakfast, and there get into bed. Mama comes for tea and sits until 6 o’cl.

Yesterday Alexei was in a very military mood, what he did not do, he was so terribly funny.

Now we have nice weather, the sun comes out and not much melts, so that it is rather warm and nice.

Tomorrow is a month since the 1st Hundred left Mogilev.

Yesterday we all wrote to Aunt Olga, as some man was going there.

It’s such a shame that they took your little shovel, but hope that they gave you a new one, or the same one! Mordvinov is probably charming, yes?

We will soon have breakfast with Alexei, but he will not finish very fast, while I am ready in 10 min. or faster. Mama will now sit on the balcony with Maria. ‘Ortipo’ and ‘Joy’ asked to send big regards and to tell you that they miss you.

I am so bored sitting in bed and being unable to go to our infirmary – this is desperately boring.

I send you awfully big 1000 kisses. May God keep you.

Your loving loyal and faithful Kaspiyitz.”


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