Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna’s 1905 postcard

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Rare Christmas postcard written by Grand Duchess Elisabeth to Elena Georgievna, Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (great-granddaughter of Tsar Paul I). Ella wrote the address in Russian because this postcard was going to a Russian destination (St Petersburg), but the actual message with the Christmas greetings and wishes for a peaceful 1905 was written in German. Ironically 1905 turned out to be anything but a peaceful for Ella (and for the rest of the Romanov family for that matter), starting with her husband’s, Grand Duke Sergei’s assassination just a few weeks later.

“Dear Elena, My best wishes for Christmas and blessings for the new year, 1905. Your loyal cousin Ella” (Translation from German by Gerjo Slendebroek)


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