wonderful book so beautifully produced

I really enjoyed this book despite some mistakes with the dates. Having this book and Road to revolution, Nicholas and Alexandra's children now in my collection I may die of happiness. nothing for so many years then these masterpieces. I read another by an English author the same subject but it was horribly disjointed as if written by 20 different people. I admire the sheer class of Miss Azar's research and dedication to the task. Truly a lovely book, even feels classy. I enjoyed the other book on kindle too but this is the best of the two. I get the feeling the other was just things that were left out of this due to lack of space. Thanks Miss Azar a lovely book.


Like to read about the Russian Imperial Family

I've always was interested in the Russian Imperial Family and was curious as to what Olga Romanov wrote about every day while the family was in exile. Translated from Russian it was very interesting and insightful as to what she was thinking during her last days.


This book grabbed my attention right away

Very well researched and executed, the book of Helen Azar grabbed my attention from the very first page of Prologue. The book is enjoyable and easy read. Highly recommending!

Anna Aizic "Anna Aizic"

excellent, quick read

Through diary entries, letters and personal recollections, Azar paints a picture of a close knit family that was very misunderstood by the people they ruled. In other circumstances, the Romanovs would have been the typical middle class family - daughters who doted on their father, a father who was well read & read aloud to his family.

This book shows a family who, bolstered by their faith, were more courageous than the revolutionaries gave them credit for. As privilege after privilege was taken away in hopes of breaking them, the Romanovs held steadfastly to their faith in God & the people they once ruled, until their execution.

Suzanne G "Suzanne Harrison"

Good read

Very good read....it gave me a inner look at Olga romanov. I have always been curious to no how the life of a duchess was....and this book gave me some insight

Tatiana perez

Five Stars

Such promise for a life taken too soon! A touching diary of a young life in war time Russia.

Cheryl A. Cerna

Wonderful to see the world of the Romanovs through the eyes of the youthful Grand Duchess Olga!

I was sent this book by a friend who knows my love for/interest in the Romanovs. It is truly amazing to have this collection of letters! Olga's voice is that of a young woman, a Romanov Grand Duchess and someone with a poetic, tender and pious spirit. I am making a film about the Romanovs and during the writing process I spent much of my time researching their letters. This study was an amazing insight into their souls, their temperaments, their affections, their faith, their loves and passions, their sadness, their triumphs and their tragedies. Having this book of Olga's letters is additionally amazing because of her youth. Since my character is also young it means a great deal to have Olga's letters and have this same insight about a teenager and young lady of this time. It's a unique point of view since when studying tumultuous and changing times of the past it is almost exclusively a study of adults or older people who are in power. It's very interesting to see this time through Olga's eyes and throughout her tender, youthful voice. Helen Azar has done a wonder job in collecting these letter and offering us an insight into the world of the Romanovs through the eyes of this youthful Grand Duchess.

Darrien M

A Glimpse Into Olga's World

Translated and published here are excerpts of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna's diary and other correspondence during WWI and the Russian Revolution. The eldest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra comes to life through her own words as never before.

This is an absolute "must read" for every Romanov/royalty/Russian history fan. Even if you are just starting out, the book has much needed information for understanding the background and timeline of events that transpire around Olga's diary. Also included is a index of the main characters, as well as helpful Russian terms. In addition, it's a beautifully bound book with a nice spread of photos, making it a delight for the eyes, as well as the heart.

Victoria Lynne

Great for Teachers working on the subject share with your students

The book is the first of its kind, because it consists of the authentic diary entries of one of the daughters of the last Russian Tsar. In addition, it is not an indiscriminate repetitive collection of diary entries, but a collection of what looks like carefully chosen representative ones. Some of the entries have been published in Russian (never in English as far as I know), but many of the diary entries I am seeing here for the first time… As a bonus, the book does not only contain Olga’s diaries, but also some other valuable primary sources, including never before published (in English) diary entries of Tsar Nicholas II himself, as well as the memoirs of Alexander Kerensky, and the events seen from their points of view. These, and others, make this book an important resource for WWI and Russian revolution scholars and history buffs too. If you are looking for primary source material of this period, this book is definitely for you.

Edward T. Winn

Wonderful book for anyone interested in the last Romanov family.

This is an excellent book. I have many, many books on the last Romanovs and this is a great book to accompany them. It gives first hand impressions and comments from and about the Romanovs, and I really enjoyed this aspect of the book.

Whether you are someone that is just learning about the Romanovs or a long time Romanov buff, this book is a great addition to your bookshelf.

I highly recommend it!


Beautifully Put Together!

This wonderful book tells the story of Russia's Last Romanovs in their own words. Using some previously unpublished (in English) materials, Azar weaves a tragic tale of the last Imperial Age of Russia through excerpts of their own letters, postcards and memoirs. I especially found the letters to/from the Tsar to his daughters very touching. As a Romanov/Russia fan, I found new material here, that made me re-think some of my previous opinions. This is a "Must Read" for any Romanov/Russian history fan, and would go along exceptionally well with Azar's other work: "The Diary of Olga Romanov". In fact, I think I will re-read both books together next time, for an even more well-rounded experience. In addition, I believe a reader new to the Romanovs/Russia could dive right in, as she offers sufficient introductory material. You can't go wrong purchasing this book! As a side note, the author has a great Facebook page where she offers more information and shares photos. I've heard that Tatiana's Diary is going to be published next! Kudos to Ms. Azar for bringing the rest of the Romanov story to us!

Victoria Lynne

Excellent ebook !

This ebook is very well done and easy to read. It contains lots of new things about the Romanovs.
I really liked how the author tried to be as faithful as possible to their original style.
And it's so interesting to read things about them from their own viewpoint.It gives us a very good insight into their family life.

First hand Romanov material

This e-book is a compilation of letters, diary entries and memoirs from members of the Romanov family and people who knew them. Many of the documents made available in this book are in English for the first time. Most of the writings are from 1914-1918, but the book begins with some earlier material, and ends with articles about the recovery of the family's remains. The book also features some nice photos of the family, many of which are comparatively rare. I highly recommend this book to those interested in the Romanovs. A nice "appetizer" for Helen Azar's "The Diary of Olga Romanov: Royal Witness to the Russian Revolution" which comes out in October 2013.

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